What is jsm?
In its core jsm is a JavaScript library to build highly responsive web pages. It is currently focusing on displaying information in tables and makeing it editable. There are Java classes to bridge the gap from the server to the client side. One could also provide PHP or other brigde classes around the core JavaScript library.

Why does it exist?
In the web applications I am working on a lot of screens are create, update, delete screens. Normally we display the information from the business objects in a table and add a few icons to edit and delete rows. On top we add a filter area to filter the records shown. On every 'Apply filter', 'Edit' or 'Delete' a call to the server was made. This took its time. Plus we had to write similar code over and over again.
This is why I decided to create jsm. When creating CRUD screens it reduces development time, makes the screens faster and standardizes them from a layout point of view. Obviously jsm can be used and will be helpful in other scenarios.

Features of JsmTable:
How can I learn more
Browse thru the introduction PowerPoint presentation. There is also an example web application distributed with jsm.

How am I supposed to use it?
Basically you create JavaScript model objects and render the model onto the page. Then you can start to modify the model and re-render it. Maybe you called the server using Ajax to retrieve information or update the business objects. The whole web page is never reloaded.

The recomended process is as follows:

In your MVC framework: In your JSP: In your MVC framework: In your JSP: You can skip steps if not applicable. Also there are other uses for jsm completely outside this process.